Leadership & Adventure Camp

(24th – 30th July 2017)

London 2017

(23rd – 30th June 2017)

More Info about London 2017

A week long workshop engaging with cultural ideas, people in need and the professional world in England’s capital city.

The camp kicks off with a two-day ‘engage freedom seminar’ in Oxford University considering the concept of freedom in an era where Brexit, Edward Snowden and Donald Trump are points of reference for discussing freedom issues such as privacy, free speech and migration.


Staying in Netherhall, a university hall of residence located in Hampstead—an area that is well-connected by public transport to all aspects of life in London.


The timetable will include a variety of activities including debates/discussions, sports, cultural excursions and opportunities to meet professional leaders in the city and meet many people along the way.

For more details about the ‘engage freedom seminar’ and a more detailed itinerary please contact Pat or Jeffrey.

23rd – 30th June 2017

€450 (early bird fee, book before Fri 2nd June)
€490 (bookings Fri 3rd June on wards)

Young men entering 4th, 5th & 6th yr in September 2017