It all began with a ferry crossing over the Irish sea, followed by a trip across the midlands in our minibus before we arrived at our final destination in Netherhall House, London.

The London experience began with a full morning workshop on the concept of freedom with various speakers, worksheets and debates in Netherhall house. That afternoon, we joined forces with a youth facility run by some members of Opus Dei called Kelston for some joint activities including football and a BBQ!

A cultural visit to Oxford brought us to see Oriel and Christ Church college where we attended a presentation afterwards about Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement. Other visits during the week included the Imperial War Museum, Westminster Cathedral and the British Museum.

A cycling tour of London with our tour guide Camilla who took us on a great 4 hr bike ride trek of London! We stopped along the way at various points to take in the big sights, negotiated some interesting traffic obstacles and walked on foot occasionally with our bikes through some crowded streets. Great way to see London! We had some torrential downpours along the way but the boys were not to be defeated.

We had a full day in St. Joseph’s pastoral care centre, run by Caritas where they have a day care centre for 225 students (various learning disabilities age from 18 yrs upwards). Each boy helped out with different learning activities (gardening, internet cafe, drums, physical fitness etc.) in both the morning and afternoon. It’s a fantastic facility which is doing tremendous work for the learning disability community in London! On the way home, we stopped by the Camden Market to take a look and enjoy speaking with the traders!

Asides from all that, we had the usual mix of character formation talks, mentoring sessions and night time reflection finishing off with the ‘moments of the day’ activity where they all recount their ‘memory of the day’ which gave all concerned some good laughs and an insight into what each of us treasured from our daily experiences in London.