What are the Goals?

For the Boys

  • To begin thinking about what kind of men they will be when they grow up
  • To learn about some fundamental virtues and how they can live them
  • To engage in fun yet manly activities where they can develop their character
  • To become friends with other boys who are developing their character

For the Fathers

  • To have a chance to be with their sons in a fun atmosphere
  • To better understand and articulate virtues and see how they can help their sons acquire them
  • To have more occasions for the conversations they want to have with their sons about deeper subjects

Who can join?

Fathers and their 1st – 6th class sons. Fathers are expected to attend the monthly meetings with their sons.

What happens at Club meetings?

  •  20-minute talk for the boys on some aspect of character; the fathers also attend
  • 30-minute boys’ activity of sports or a creative activity like skits, magic tricks, charades or games
  • 30-minute talk for the fathers on the virtues (general aspects as well as specific virtues). This  happens during the activity period
  • 60-minute team activity for boys and fathers together (sports, games etc.)
  • Concluding snack with general socializing of the fathers and sons
  • A priest available for Confession throughout the afternoon

More Information

Cost & Payment

For a father and his son(s): €120
(10 sessions)


The club meets (normally) on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 3 – 5pm